Teton LEEF 0°F UltraLight Sleeping Bag Review

I finally bought a sleeping bag

Last weekend backpacking with kids I didn’t have a bag and I was cold. Each time the down blankets I brought came loose, cold air rushed against my skin waking me up. I was tired the next day from waking so often and wasn’t willing to go through that again. Especially on a backpacking trip through the Ouachita Mountains. The bag arrived the night before we headed out towards the Ouachita Trail.

Polyester fill vs Down

This bag is not a down bag, it is polyester fill albeit some pretty fancy advanced material it still is heavier and larger than Jen’s Aegismax down bag. We discussed the advantages of down, cotton, and polyester last week. Ultimately I bought this bag for it’s cold rating, it’s under $100 through amazon and had prime 2 day shipping. If you’re in the market for a bag, do your research and get a bag that really meets your needs.

How warm is the Teton LEEF

I sleep warm naturally, but it was cold outside in the mountain valley, below freezing actually. Once it hit freezing I put on my tights, tank top, wool socks and hopped in. Zipped it up without a snag and almost instantly I could feel my body heat rising. During the night I ended up ditching my tank top and should have everything else, at around 25 degrees I found myself sweating in the bag. The happy medium I found was sleeping with it across my chest, arms and shoulders out with the hood zipped tight like a beanie. By morning and a frosty thirty degrees outside I had it completely unzipped laying next to Jen and I was plenty warm. I think this is a bag that at 30 you’ll treat like a blanket and at 10 like a sleeping bag. I have no doubt that given I donned good sleepwear I could use this bag in a negative temperature. For summer time I would still choose the down blankets for the weight factor alone, but for winter this bag was superb.

How roomy is the Teton LEEF

It has more room than you’d expect. I am six foot, 180 lbs and had enough room to turn and toss without the bag rolling with me. For me I wish the bag was a little smaller. I think if it fit my frame better probably 30% of the weight could have been reduced. I get Teton is trying to market to a larger audience and so needs to fit a larger audience. Teton did a great job honestly, this is a bag that can go beyond car camping and do it year round.

One perk about the extra room was having room for Jen, who is just under six foot and 119 lbs. In an emergency if her Aegismax down bag got wet we could both fit inside and stay warm.


It is light enough for weekend backpacking and warm enough for any season. The extra thickness polyester provides combined with our awesome Klymit sleeping pads made my sleep rival a mattress in comfort. For under a hundred bucks I really don’t think you’re going to find a better sleeping bag.