When you take your wife camping…

Some observations I’ve made along the way, when you take your wife camping…

“man, she sure does kick it up a notch, living the life out of a backpack!”

…you get to eat real food for dinner!

Before Jen, I would have filled my pack with granola bars, trail mix, jerky, and water before setting off. My staple choices may not have made my day but they got the job done and kept me alive. Although when it came to meals, being alive was about the only thing to be excited about. I’d have the same foods time after time, day after day.

Now there is Jen’s way, she is not living off trail mix and granola bars because those are snacks. So in planning our trip we bust out the dehydrators. We dehydrate foods like chicken, peas and pineapple, and build a cache of ingredients. Using those dried goodies, she builds culinary masterpieces, meals that I would choose over most every restaurant items I have ever had. She makes us meals like Chicken and Dumplings (my favorite), Coconut Chicken Curry and Picadillo.

Bottom line, you can stay alive on granola bars and trail mix, but you can’t live the good life like that. Life is good when you eat good, more so out in the wild.

..you go to bed clean

Heading outdoors before knowing Jen, my clothes and my gear were probably pretty foul afterwards. If I bathed it would be if I camped near a lake or there was a camp shower very close. If a lake or shower wasn’t there, bathing wasn’t going to happen.

Now we go to bed clean where ever we happen tp be. Even with just a gallon of water and some biodegradable soap we can bathe. We collect water from a nearby spring and carefully pour it for each other before bed.

You know what? Going to bed clean is pretty great and I sleep so much better when I am not sweaty and filthy. I’m also not sure about scientific backing of this statement, but when your clean I’m pretty sure you get bit by a lot less mosquitoes. I think they smell the nastiness and come for that sweet grimy blood.

…She might knit your para cord into a stylish bracelet

Jen made this bracelet with just her fingers, knitting as we talked on the drive to Big Bend National Forest. Not only was it was nice but it saved a little space in the kayak too. This little gift certainly made me smile.

Find your adventure with your spouse, maybe you won’t get a knit bracelet but you may get something special to you. This speaks to why hiking and camping with your romantic partner can be wonderful. When someone cares about how you feel and wants to go further in the ways that make you happy that is exactly what you’ll find. Make sure you don’t forget to make her smile too.


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