How Not to Use a Fork Stand

Life before stands

Today I ride a CBR and that makes me happy in many ways. Unfortunately, ease of maintenance is not one of them. Prior to owning a CBR, I had a GS500F and then a VFR. My former bikes had center stands. Regardless of the trash talking around center stands, I loved them. I could change a tire or adjust my chain easily, anywhere, which was awesome. A center stand may have added weight but it sure added some peace of mind. Last night, while changing the front tire on my CBR, I had my first experience with a fork stand. I wish it would have gone much, much, better.

My first time

I was so excited to get my new tire home. It was the last piece needed for a necessary state inspection after having been slapped with a ticket by the local police for a missing registration. I might have considered evasive actions, but this was a bike cop on a Kawasaki Concours 14. I had no chance of escape after red light filtering. My inability to escape made more evident by the fact that he was on me with lights flashing before I even knew he existed.

Anyway, back home last night, I had the bike up on the front stand. As I begin to insert the front axle, the bike began a slow motion fall. It fell right into a shelving unit in my garage, fortunately only resulting in a broken mirror and a bruised ego. Luckily, I had just put on my Impaktech sub cage which literally saved the a$$ end. These cages might be better than having insurance.

While I was having a near meltdown, knocking over tools, and bumping my drill so that it fell on my head, Jen took the time to research the proper use of stands. She found out that I needed to put the swingarm stand up first, then the fork stand. With just the fork stand the bike is unstable and can fall over.

Lessons learned:

In the future I will obviously always lift the swingarm onto the stand before lifting the forks. I will stay calm to avoid making matters worse, like taking a drill to the head, for instance. I will work next to shelves because it turns out they do a decent job of breaking the fall of a motorcycle and saving the plastics. Most importantly, I will keep my intelligent, level-headed woman in my life. She can tell me how to do it right the next time and calm me down so I don’t screw anything else up for the night.

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