Nelson-Rigg CL950 Saddlebags Review

Touring in style with a set of CL-950 Saddlebags by Nelson-Rigg


The design of the bags is great. They don’t take away from the aesthetics of my bike at all. They offer ample storage, easily enough space for supplies for a weekend getaway for two. The also have several compartments which makes organizing your belongings easy.This set will allow me more time to ride because now I can even do my grocery shopping on the bike.

The quality also seems high. The zippers are big and don’t get caught. The seams seem to be well sewn. The heat guard lays just right and will protect the bags from scorching.


After examining them closer, purchasing a soft pad for a passenger to sit is in order.  The bag straps are thick which is great for keeping the bags in place but not for the comfort of the passenger. On a short ride the straps probably wouldn’t be a problem, but on a long ride they will. On our last bike trip even the small seams of Jen’s riding shorts rubbed her legs raw after a couple hours. I can imagine, the larger edges of the universal saddlebags would be even worse.

The saddlebags currently have no means of locking them on or locking the bags themselves. I will need to find a way to lock these to the bike for those trips, and remember not to ever leave valuables in them.

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