Leather vs Textile Abrasion Resistance

Ever wonder how well your riding gear would hold up in the event of a slide?

The leather vs textile debate has been going strong for a long time and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. With the constant¬†improvements in textiles it may eventually happen that textiles surpass leather in every category. For now where textiles really shine is in maintenance, cost, and versatility. Leather compared to the majority of textiles still offers the best abrasion resistance and can often be worn even after a crash. A large part in deciding what gear to buy and wear comes down to compromise. Maybe someday we’ll have a jacket that offers the best of it all but that day isn’t here yet.

I am certainly not telling you what to buy but in my own research I found this interesting and wanted to share it. If you know more about these studies or where this research came from I would love to know.

Pounds of force until fabric tears, Abrasion cycles on pavement until fabric fails

Material Pounds of force Cycles until failure
Cotton Jeans 4.5 50
70D Standard Nylon 4.5 165
500D Polyester 8 180
200D Standard Nylon 7.5 275
500D Cordura 22 710
620D Cordura 35 1200
Competition Grade Leather 80-110 1200-1700
1000D Cordura 110 1780
Air Mesh Kevlar 1260 970
Kevlar Blend 420