Kelty Salida 2 Backpacking Tent Review

The Kelty Salida 2, two person backpacking tent. 

When backpacking in a Central Texas summer, our priorities are keeping our gear light and having a well vented tent.

The Salida 2 meets both of these requirements.  Weighing just 4 lb 9 oz, if we opt to bring the entire setup. It has a superior wall design (68D Polyester, 40D No-See-Um Mesh) that provides ample ventilation to prevent condensation and allow air circulation so we can stay cool. It is not as cool as a full mesh sided tent, but offers a good compromise between privacy and venting.

As with most backpacking tents, space is kept to a minimum at 30.5 square feet. I am six feet tall and it is long enough for me to easily lay without touching my head or feet. At 55 inches, it is wide enough for both of us to sleep on our backs but just barely. If you plan on taking this camping with a friend, just be sure you don’t mind sleeping close. There was enough room to bring in one pack, but we had to compromise some foot room to do that. With only one door, Jen had to climb over me to get out, but since I sleep like the dead it wasn’t a problem for us.

Setting up this tent was a breeze. If you’ve ever put a tent up before, it should take you less than 5 minutes. We got a kick out of the poles, which click themselves together if you hold them upright. Hold an end section vertically up and down and when the section below hangs down it will click itself in. Grab the newly locked in section, raise it up, and the next section clicks in. Very cool, and it makes putting the poles together take no time at all. Once the poles are together, you lay the tent flat, crisscross the poles across it, and latch them into the center hooks. Then you raise the tent by locking the poles into the grommets at the corners and clipping the sides onto the poles. If you need the rainfly, toss it over the top of the tent and clip it to the clips at each of the four corners. Stake everything down and your done.

Overall, it’s a great tent and we are very happy with our purchase.

Full Specifications here.

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