HD Livewire vs Zero S vs Energica Eva

Who’s got the best Electric Motorcycle?

More models are being introduced to us that are fighting to meet the demand for clean energy motorcycles. Let’s take a look at three serious contenders the S ZF6.5 vs the Eva 2 vs Project Livewire.

Harley Davidson’s Project Livewwire

HD announced it’s ambitions to introduce 100 new motorcycles within five years. Livewire is one of those models and curiously coming from Harley Davidson, an all electric bike. While the pricetag is not official there are numerous reports circulating that this is the price point Harley is targeting;  Depending on public reaction and market analysis this could change.

Top Speed: 95 mph top speed

Range: 53 miles

Charge time: 3.5 hours

Price tag: $50,000 (unofficial)

Power: 74 HP

Zero motorcycles S ZF6.5

Zero’s a veteran already to the electric motorcycle market, but junior to HD in longevity in the motorcycle industry. Zero currently offers 6 models for audiences seeking adventure, dual sports, street and dirt oriented motorcycles. Zero targets every market for motorcycles except the cruisers currently and knows how to price for the masses.

Add in all the government incentives and justifying this purchase is immensely easy.

Top Speed: 91 mph top speed

Range: 61 miles

Charge time: 3 hours

Price tag: $10,995

Power: 70 HP, 116 FT-LB

Energica’s Eva 2

New to electric motorcycles, this Italian manufacturer derives it’s experience in performance from 45 years of car racing experience of it’s parent firm. You probably will only see these models available along the East and West coasts for now. The company hasn’t had time to build a huge customer base in the states yet. I suspect this may end of being the premium line of electric motorcycles in the US.

Top Speed: 120 mph top speed

Range: 124 miles

Charge time: 3 hours

Price tag: $34,544

Power: 95 HP, 125 FT-LB

Comparing base street models, apples to apples

While the HD project Livewire bike actually isn’t in production we do have some details extracted out of HD executives statements. So keep in mind that the final numbers of the Livewire may vary and in fact the concept may never make it to the street if HD doesn’t see demand in line. If HD does hit the market with the 50K pricetag I would speculate that this model is doomed at the door. The competition is already offering faster, longer rides at lower price points. Factor in that these bikes probably aren’t targeted at the typical HOG owner willing to spend more for the HD badge, that iconic badge isn’t worth much of a premium for this tech.

The Italian Energica Eva 2, while being the most road worthy replacement for the typical street bike by the specs also comes with a hefty price tag. At $34K, this bike isn’t for everyone but considering there focusing sales in southern Florida and southern California maybe this will do well.

For only $15,999 we could go ahead with the Zero SR and get near 200 miles of range. The SR also has 70 HP, 116 FT-LB and a top speed of 102 mph top speed. Based on the specifications of the two bikes alone,  the Zero SR would be a much better choice.

Having said that, I’m not just going to bash the Eva 2. The Energica Eva 2 does have one thing for sure and that is style. Energica did a great job making their electric ride fit the mold enought to belong in the pack, with hints in styling that say there is something different about this one.



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