“Foods” to avoid feeding your kids, Lunchables

Lunchables, like a TV dinner but for kids and without cooking

Unfamiliar with Lunchables? That’s a good thing.  Basically a pre-packaged lunch tray inspired by the TV dinners of a bygone era. Lunchables typically contain crackers, highly processed deli meats, a Caprisun and “cheese product” slices.

Processed deli meats often full of fat, sodium and preservatives, like nitrates and nitrites with links to increased cancer risks. There is a fair amount of data supporting that  these types of highly processed deli meats should probably be avoided altogether.  Of the entire packages contents, the deli meats and crackers are the only vaguely acceptable component. This whole product is one of those that you give to your child at the expense of their health.

While any one ingredient might be okay, it is the combination of the fatty, salty, chemically packed “meats” and “cheeses” along with a dose of sugar packed beverage to wash it down. An entire package contains enough fat and salt for any child’s entire daily needs. Throw in that sugary Caprisun and you’ve just guaranteed your kid will eat an unhealthy lunch today.

A healthier alternative to Lunchables is going to mean sacrificing a little sleep yourself, but as the parent it is your responsibility to ensure your children are eating health.

Avoid grabbing convenience food items such as these. I’m sure your kids love Lunchables just as they do candy. Instead find healthier meats, real cheeses and make a sandwich, pack the grapes and some cucumber slices while your at it. This kind of lunch guarantees your child has all of the nutrients to do their best, learn and concentrate throughout the day.

You also save a bunch of money when you pack in your own. Convenience items cannot compete with a homemade lunch in price, health or love. Not only will your kids be better off because you packed them a great lunch but your wallet will be better off too.