First Ride New Impaktech Cage

Staring at me for months, shelved by priorities until now

Before getting all into why I chose Impaktech or why a crash cage at all, let me tell you what’s changed about my bike.

Noticeable changes on the first ride

Having just installed the crash cage and completed the first 20 mile trip the bike itself rode slightly different. First of all, it seemed to balance better at low speeds than previous to the install. My theory is that since the cage is lower on the bikes frame, the added 30 pounds or so has lowered the center of gravity slightly. Since I primarily commute this is a welcome change. Being able to navigate better at lower speeds can do nothing but improve my daily enjoyment.

I also think that the additional weight may affect the MPGs of the 600RR. To find out I will keep better records of my fill-ups and mileage for now. I will have to update this maybe after a month with those results to be sure.

Sitting at lights also has changed. The cage extends back almost directly in front of the foot rest. This means for me that my feet can only be straight down beside me or slightly back without pushing my shin into the cage. I’ve heard the term shin buster used with cages and I could see how kicking your leg down too fast could hurt. While this is a minor adjustment to my posture, I’m sure I’ll appear fumbling for the first week.

And for looks on the bike itself, although I’ve heard an even split on appearance. Some saying it ruins the bikes appearance and some saying not, I personally like the way the cage looks. Maybe it’s because it looks armored and rugged, and adventurous! I like that, I think it looks sexy with the cage. The people at Impaktech did a great job building and painting.

Why a Crash Cage at all?

Because shit happens and for under $500 you can have some pretty sick insurance. As long as you don’t hit forks first you probably will come away pretty clean.

I first thought of a crash cage setup after talking with a friend about his various wrecks and how the cage prevented catastrophic damages. Then there are the countless stunter videos on YouTube where calamari dancers crash and ride on. If that doesn’t convince you nothing will. Finally, after a low speed, low side, took out my last bike, I was sold.

Why did I chose Impaktech?

Because they have an awesome reputation spanning a long time. Because I’ve seen bikes who found sweet salvation from those cages. Because while there are others like Ironhorse and Sicinnovations, Impaktech’s design is sexy and adds, not distracts from the 600RR.

To top it off, my luck! The day I finally decided to get a cage was cyber Monday, and low and behold, those pimps were running a super special. I got a amazing deal on a full cage and sub cage. It arrived just as they said, in the time the told me to expect, gorgeous and shining.

I had to wait to install as personal matters called my attention. The wait killed me, but the setup is now installed and I am so happy. I can already feel the added confidence of the new insurance. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. Keep the rubber down, shiny side up.