10 Ways Cutting out TV Improved My Life

  1. Enjoying the Outdoors: I no longer feel the pull of the couch and my favorite show after dinner. Now when the weather is nice I can sit outdoors, enjoy the sounds of nature, and relax.
  2. Reclaiming my Weekends: Not watching TV means I free up four hours every night. Working just an hour and a half each night means that by the weekend I will have spent almost eight hours knocking things off my to-do list. Saturdays are no longer consumed with, housework, yard work, or home improvement.
  3. Quality Time and Quality Conversations: Instead of staring mindlessly at a show together we have time to sit and talk. We get to share the details of the day and the thoughts on our mind without trying to squeeze them into commercial breaks.
  4. Increased Creativity: When we watch TV our brains shut off. We stop thinking about other things. Many people cite that as a reason they like TV but is that such a good thing? When we do things like sit outside, or go for a walk, our minds wander and we think new thoughts. Many of our article ideas come when we are doing those activities. What things will you come up with when your aren’t distracted by TV?
  5. More Hobbies:  If your default thing to do is turn on the TV you don’t explore your other interests. When you first cut the television, you may find yourself bored. This is a good thing because soon you will come up with new more fulfilling ways to entertain yourself. Maybe you will pursue a new area of study, delved into some craft, or learn to use your hands to make something. Whatever you do I guarantee it will be more satisfying than staring at a box for hours with nothing to show for it.
  6. Closer Family Bonds: The saying goes, families who play together stay together. When you play games, go for walks, or work on projects together you have ample time to talk and catch up. While doing these activities, kids are more likely to open up and let you know the things that are on their minds.
  7. Better Sleep: Numerous studies have demonstrated that TV does not relax the brain. It has also been found that the blue light emitted by TVs, like all electronic devices, interferes with our circadian rhythm. Not only that, but how often have you been sucked into a program and stayed up later than you should. I sleep deeper and longer now that I don’t watch TV before bed.
  8. Better Health: Few things burn less calories than sitting on the couch watching TV. Even similar activities like sitting and reading a book burns more calories. Add in food commercials that ignite cravings and you can almost guarantee weight gain.
  9. Less Pressure to Keep up with the Jone’s:  When you stop watching TV you stop getting all that feedback about what your life should be like. You no longer feel like your house needs to be the after shot of an HGTV show. Your family no longer has to resemble that perfect TV family. You get to decide what is really important to you without the pressure of Hollywood’s preconceived notions of what your life should be like.
  10. More Money: TV is not cheap. Besides the cost of that big screen TV and the place to put it on, many people spend over $100 per month on their TV bundles. Even if you don’t get cable and use Netflix or Hulu that money could be used elsewhere. Maybe you could take your sweetheart out and have a drink on a nice patio somewhere. Doesn’t that sound better than sitting on your butts staring at someone else living the life you want?

Why not give it a try? Unplug your TV for just a month and see how it changes your life.