Climate Change Believers You Suck

That’s right climate change believers you suck!

I recycle like crazy, walk when I can, commute with a motorcycle reducing emissions, etc, etc, etc. Yet you dismiss my views, interrupt, and even resort to petty insults and for that you suck so much.

I’ll admit it, I’m a climate change skeptic [gasp and scream]. Yes I am a skeptic 100%, still I choose to live as earth friendly as I can. I make a choice daily to try and keep our world clean for future generations.

…but I am still a skeptic

The main reason I am skeptical of climate change is simple. When I read an article written about climate change that resorts to name calling as an argument, credit is lost with me. If someone tells me that mankind’s lifestyle is the problem but they are living that same lifestyle, credit is lost with me. When we debate and you dismiss the other science as fake while stating yours as fact, credit is lost with me. I am not the problem, I am simply the type of person you suck at convincing and I just told you why.

The type of discourse you shouldn’t engage in

Take a look at This site is fan fodder for believers, but no skeptic is going to visit the site and go away a believer. That’s because this type of organization has decided that attacking those wicked skeptics, belittling their views, and petty name calling, is the best sales pitch.

In case the non-believers missed the point, includes many references to them as idiots, ignorant, fake scientist, and probably some names I missed. You can argue that those skeptics need to be shouted down, put in their place blah, blah, blah. Then you aren’t going to be any more successful. This type of change isn’t going to happen with aggression and attacks like that. You’re trying to convince someone to believe in the boogie man in their eyes. You’ll need to stay calm and engage with a much more respectful and serious demeanor for that one. No one’s mind has ever been changed by shouting them down and insulting them.

A skeptic’s advice for convincing a climate change skeptic

The ground rules: let go of the constraints and ideas you’ve been fed on how to sell climate change because according to recent surveys your messaging has been questionably successful. Stay calm, respectful, don’t lose your $hit over climate change…..seriously. If you aren’t living your beliefs then you first should turn that attention right on around and fix your own life first, before you go telling someone else to fix theirs.

Now that your living the green dream, let’s talk climate change. Which is going to be easier to sell me: that some end of times revelations like events are coming if I don’t buy a Prius and like Al Gore on Facebook, or that we share a small finite world like a glass of water? It is each of our responsibility to keep it clean because it’s all we have, and eventually we have to drink clean or dirty. I’d like it clean.

At this point I am sure you skeptics are saying “it’s not the same, people need to fear a 1 degree temperature change.” Okay, you need to understand many people aren’t going to fear that, it’s too abstract. They will however understand that “our [insert local water source] is becoming dangerously polluted, that emissions around [your city] are impacting the most vulnerable peoples health, America the Beautiful is losing it’s beauty”… in your own calm words of course.

It is much easier to relate to concerns with our own lives and what we see daily. Who cares if the skeptic believes in global warming or climate change, if they are convinced to change their lives in a manner that will produce the desired outcome, it doesn’t ultimately matter who is right [stick that nose up now] or wrong.

If you can convince people, on a small scale, to think of making a difference in their own lives, then you can be successful. Keep going around trying to sell the devil and you’ll keep seeing the same results.

Ten years from now, hopefully we are all living green, then we can talk public policy. At that point you won’t need to sell the end of times to get public policy changed. Then you will have a huge majority of the public who is living green, seeing the benefits, and not wanting some huge corporation screwing it up. Then we will easily get public policy that backs up environmental protections because climate believers and skeptics alike, will share an affinity for environmentalism.

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