The Best Tether for your GoPro Hero5 Session

The tether options for the Hero5 Session are dismal

The idea of flying down the highway and losing my pricey little camera always unsettled me. However the options out there for the new Session are somewhat dismal. The problem I found is that either they are made for the larger GoPros or attach in ways I’m not willing to risk my camera with. There are some on Amazon that looked more promising but at ridiculous prices.

I tried a bunch of homemade tethers but I wasn’t satisfied with them. There really is only one secure spot on which to clip a tether to the Hero5 Session. The spot is a small metal bar you can see in the above image. Walking around Home Depot one day I spotted the gate opening cable pictured at left. At $4, a fraction of the cost of dedicated Session tethers, it was worth a try.

After clipping the cable pull to the small little bar on the Session housing I was then able to secure it. With my motorcycle helmet, I then loop the cable through the visor securing the GoPro. If I was using this on a bicycle or anything else I could easily loop the other end to the handlebars or anything secure to anchor the camera and prevent it being lost.

It worked perfect as a tether for me and it is strong enough that I know it won’t break. Any home improvement store with doorknobs or gate hardware probably carries this small cable pull.  I wanted to share my find after all the frustration I had in finding a workable tether. You could order a sticky tether from Amazon but why would you? This little hack is cheaper and stronger than anything else you could buy.