The best Decision Ever Ever Ever!

I married my best friend, partner, and lover on April 15th 2017

If you know me, you know I am not an emotional blabber mouth.

…Here I go.

I married her because she encourages me to be me. I never feel wanting or that anything is beyond reach.
I married her because she helps me grow. I find pleasure in things that she enjoys and now enjoy too.
I married her because she makes me feel loved. She understands my love language and speaks it fluently.
I married her because we share parenting and core morals. I never have to question her judgement, I would do the same.
I married her because she is independent, smart and doesn’t need anyone to care for her. I wanted a partner and I found one.
I have never felt more fulfilled in every part of my life until I met her.┬áInside, I’m fluttering around her. Excited as can be.
I couldn’t possibly be happier in life.

One more,

I married her because she makes the motorcycle go “vroom, vroom VROOM!” Real good!

Jen, I love you!

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A motorcycle enthusiast at heart.
Most days I’d rather be in the woods anywhere.