Best Campfire Chili with Quick Bread

Light weight, packed with flavor.

- possibly the best chili I've ever had (Patrick)
– possibly the best chili I’ve ever had (Patrick)

Eating without refrigeration doesn’t mean you can’t have phenomenal food.  This recipe for the best campfire chili ever, will make you miss being at camp.





Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes

Total time: 25 minutes

Serves: 2

Most of the ingredients below can all be purchased online but it is usually more cost effective (and tasty!) to dehydrate things yourself. The exception to this is the bell peppers. They are pretty expensive fresh and can be purchased cheaper dehydrated. When I have a crop from my garden I will dehydrate them but otherwise I buy the ones linked below.

Tools Required: Two person backpacking pot, utensils


*** Freeze dried beans are very different from regular dried beans. Freeze dried beans will cook in about 15-20 minutes. Regular dried beans need to be pre-soaked and can take hours to soften if not. If you don’t want to purchase freeze dried beans you have two options. You can dehydrate canned or cooked kidney beans. They will crack open and not look as pretty once dehydrated but they still will taste good and will rehydrate quickly. Option two is to bring regular dried beans separate from your chili mix. You will need to soak them for 24 hours before using them. After doing that they should cook up in normal time. It will take more advance planning and inconvenience this way but it’s possible to do it.


Add all ingredients to your lightweight container of choice. At your campsite, mix the contents of the bag with enough water to cover all the ingredients with about an inch of water. Simmer over your heat source until everything is rehydrated, adding water if needed. The corn will be fully rehydrated and the beef soft when it is ready. Some cornbread or biscuits go great with the chili.