Another Reason to Get a Motorcycle (for the Single Guy)

As if there aren’t enough reasons to own a motorcycle already

Aside from the feeling of freedom, and the unmatched adrenaline rush of life at full throttle, it turns out that being a biker increases your appeal to the opposite sex. Not too surprising right?  Just look at how many movies and shows, like Sons of Anarchy, that have been made romanticizing the biker. What may surprise you though is that the modern biker is more likely to be a professional, educated, self-motivated man. A man who wants a little more punch to life than some. Thanks to, we have a little data supporting the fact that a majority of women are searching for that modern biker man.

The people at recently ran a survey of women users. The survey found that the term “motorcycle” ranked number two in popularity among women users. Take a look at the linked article on for their take on the allure of the biker-guy. The article covers what the personality traits in the biker man are that women tend to find attractive.

However, don’t run out and get a motorcycle just to help you take home more women. The modern motorcycle man has the traits that woman are attracted to, of which, possession of a bike is just an indicator. If you are the type of man the article is talking about: spontaneous, energetic, gentle but with a little wild side, then having a motorcycle is exactly the icing on the cake women have shown an interest in.

However, if you’re a douche who is just looking for an angle to “bag more chicks”. No motorcycle is going to change the fact that you’re a douche. Don’t buy a motorcycle to hookup, it won’t work. Instead consider buying a van, preferably with no windows. A van like the one below. A van like this one will make identifying you that much easier for everyone.

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