A Letter to Netflix

Dear Netflix –

I have been a loyal subscription holder since the beginning. I was an avid Blockbuster fan, and got tired of nothing being available when I went and my coupons for free rentals run out. That’s when I discovered your service. I said to myself, ‘hey…this is cool…i’ll just set all the friggin movies and shows I want to watch in a queue and whatever gets shipped, I watch!’ It was fantastic and #YOU HAD ME AT HELLO.

Over the years, I have talked up your service…from the very beginning. ‘Hey, do you have Netflix? NO!? Well, check it out…’. That has been the script for many years. I feel like I may have recruited 50+ people to your service, because that’s how much I believed in you.

You added an App. Dope

You made it simple for others to access great media. Awesome.

You started buying content and putting it out as yours. Pretty cool

You started creating your content. Some of these shows and movies are absolutely fantastic

You started autoplaying the trailers as I browsed over content. Hm, that’s pretty annoying. It’s kind of like an ad. Owell

You go public…

See, this is where I think the problem lies. You need to satisfy shareholders. Shareholders want to make money. But, you need more subscribers in order to do so. But wait, those new subscribers will run out eventually, how else will we generate revenue.

Netflix, you need to rework your model in order to generate revenue, because if you put Ads and tier subscriptions, you will lose your base.


And you may say well…our base isn’t too big. And you’re right. But remember those 50+ people I encouraged to subscribe to this amazing, revolutionary media platform? They are going to hear a different tune the next time ‘Netflix’ is brought up.

I’m not saying I want your service to crash and burn.

I wish you all the best. You have satisfied my entertainment itch longer than I have been married. Couple your name with the word ‘chill’ and it implies tonight is going to be quite the night!. Hell, it has overtaken the very reference of Barry White.


I’m being a bit facetious. But seriously, people are making out and a year ago, you pressed a button and it slowly faded into the beginning of a great show or movie. You put adds on, and we gotta hear the State Farm guys annoying voice… ugh.

Anyway, Netflix. Here we are. At a crossroads. It’s simple, really. You keep it add free, you keep me. If you put ads on the service, when I already pay for them not to be, I’m gone. And so are a lot of others, I assume.


your subscribers


disclaimer: written by anonymous internet source.